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15 apps all Android users need to delete from their phone immediately

Android users who use the operating system on their phones and tablets have been advised to delete 15 Google Play Store applications from their phones through a security alert. Security expert company Sophos warned that these applications consist of malicious software which hides in devices. Some applications disguise themselves to appear as harmless system tools that cannot be detected. One of the applications called ‘Flash On Calls and Messages’ shoes a false error message when launched, saying that it is incompatible with the device. Then it launches the Google Maps application in the Play Store while hiding itself from your device.

Other applications are known to change their icon picture to appear harmless and essential to your phone, and use names such as ‘Google Play Store’, ‘Updates’, ‘Back Up’ and ‘Time Zone Service’.

Though the disguise could make it significantly harder to detect them, Sophos has a permanent solution: Delete them.

Here is a list of applications you must delete from your Android devices:

  • Flash On Calls and Messages
  • Read QR Code
  • Imagine Magic
  • Generate Elves
  • Savexpense
  • QR Artifact
  • Find Your Phone: Whistle
  • Scavenger – – – speed guard
  • Auto Cut Out Pro
  • Background Cut Out
  • Photo Background
  • ImageProcessing
  • Background Cut Out New
  • Auto Cut Out
  • Auto Cut Out 2019

Sophos has said that recently installed apps hiding in the app tray may be malicious and should be checked. This will be available in the Apps and Notifications page in the Settings option. If you see apps that open automatically without your commands, delete them.

A true system application will have an option to ‘Disable’ it rather than ‘Uninstall’. Use this as a distinguishing factor for system apps. Though they will soon be removed from the Play Store, users should look into user reviews before installing them.



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