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Afghanistan mosque bombing kills 62 worshippers

A blast in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan destroyed the roof of a building. No responsibility was claimed for the attack immediately. This violence comes after the UN declared that the number of civilian deaths in the area had risen to an unprecedented level this summer. 1174 civilians have been killed between July and September.

The provincial spokesperson, Ayataullah Khogyani, said that 62 worshippers had been killed in Friday’s attack and 36 were seriously injured. This mosque stands in Haska Mina, 50 km from Jalalabad, the capital.

A loud explosion has been reported before the caving of the roof of the mosque. The number of explosives is not known yet.

Tribal elder, Malik Mohammadi Gul Shinwari said that it was heartbreaking to watch. He said that one moment the Mullah was preaching and the next second his voice was cut off. bodies of the injured were being taken to medical care facilities when he arrived at the scene.

Sohrab Qaderi, a member of the council warned that the number of deaths is said only to rise. The Taliban have denied carrying this attack out.

The ISIS militant group and the Taliban have been known to have similar styles and motives. However, the UN says that anti-government elements are responsible for most civilian deaths. The data showed that over 41% of those lost to the war are women and children.

In August, not a single day had gone past without someone being killed.


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