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Boris Johnson: Thousands take to streets in London for anti-Tory protest

Boris Johnson: Thousands take to streets in London for anti-Tory protest

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in London this evening hours after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister.

Anti-Tory slogans were chanted by protesters who were blocked from approaching Downing Street by metal barriers and dozens of police officers.

Some in the crowds have set off red flares. Traffic has been blocked at Whitehall.

Protestors are holding signs saying “Cut War Not Welfare”, “No To Islamophobia, No To War”, “No to Racism” and “No To Boris Johnson”.

Protest signs included ‘Worst BJ ever!’ and one police van had ‘f*** BORIS’ daubed on it in apparent spray paint.

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spoke in Russell Square as news came through about the right-wing Cabinet being appointed by Boris Johnson.

Brexiteers such as Dominic Raab and Priti Patel will have senior roles in the Government.

Labour has consistently called for a General Election but is yet to attempt to trigger a vote of no confidence in Mr Johnson’s newly-formed Government.

“Boris will be sworn in as PM on 24th July. We will be ready to greet him. We will be ready to reject him. And we will be ready to reject every single one of his cronies and everything they stand for. ”

“At the time he gives his first speech as PM, we will hold a street festival celebrating the power of our communities. There will be music and art. There will be noise.”

Labour supporter Owen Jones tweeted: “London has been taken over by thousands of anti-Tory protesters: mostly young, all angry, scared, but determined”.

He later added: “The police are keeping the protestors at bay at Downing Street – and they are not messing around.

“Which prime minister in modern history faces so much angry opposition from the very moment they take over?”


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