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Boris Johnson ‘will ask EU for extension’ if no Brexit deal by Saturday

The Brexit Secretary indicated via a statement that Boris Johnson will not be sending a letter to the EU to seek an extension in case no agreement is reached on the situation. Stephen Barclay has been quoted saying that the government will be abiding by the Benn act.  He denied having any knowledge of a plan to send another letter to the EU to ask them to take back the extension.

The legislation for a no-deal Brexit was passed unopposed. Talks have resumed as of Wednesday to wrap up their previous session as an agreement is made ready for the EU leaders.

Boris Johnson has reportedly given the court an undertaking which said that he will send a letter to the EU leaders in case certain conditions are left unsatisfied, the main one being a no-deal Brexit. Robert Buckland, the justice secretary, and chancellor were quoted saying to another committee that he is committed to upholding the law and has promised that they will continue to act as the guardian of the cabinet, and send a letter of extension if the need arises.

He suggested that no moves by Downing Street to surpass the law will be tolerated and the Benn act must be adhered to. A politically appointed judiciary conspiracy is being denied as of now, with the Supreme Court ruling that Johnson does not need to be suspended for allegedly misleading the monarch.

He said that the day a US-style confirmation hearing process took place, would be a black day for the constitution and would be presumptuous that a constitution is being written out in the UK.



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