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Chickenpox cases reported at Portland Expo, officials say

Chickenpox cases reported at Portland Expo, officials say

In asylum-seekers staying at the Expo, in the City of Portland and the Maine CDC say there are reported cases of chickenpox. 

Director of communications for the city said, ‘the officials and city leaders at the Maine CDC said they were working to bound exposure and had alerted many volunteers or visitors who came to the Expo since July 26.’ 

To the volunteers, a letter was sent out for helping asylum-seekers at the Expo whereas the city works on an everlasting plan for residency. Moreover, the city is facing an August 15 deadline to leave what has been an emergency shelter since June.

The Maine CDC has asked anyone who was there inside the Expo on July 26 or after to see for the symptoms and with their health care provider to check their vaccination records. 

Varicella, usually known as chickenpox, is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Furthermore, the most commons symptom of Chickenpox is an itchy, blister-like rash on the face, back, and chest.


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