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EA explains lack of support for Nintendo Switch

EA explains lack of support for Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo Switch, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has explained the publisher’s lack of support. 

On Nintendo’s console, the company does not release a lot of games and when it does, they are frequently stripped of the headline features presented on further platforms.

For instance, this September, the Legacy Edition of FIFA 20 being released on Switch would not include any of the ‘big new features’ which are included in other versions of the game like Volta street football.

On Tuesday, during the first-quarter earnings of EA, an analyst said that they thought The Sims franchise may be well suited to Switch but the top executive of EA suggested otherwise.

While his reply was largely centered on The Sims, it was also claimed by Wilson that ‘a great many’ switch owners do play EA games, only they be likely to do so on other gaming platforms which are owned by them. 

He explained, ‘any time we are assessing platform conversations, we are really looking at some things.’

As Wilson did not rule out The Sims ever coming to Nintendo’s console, the chances come out slim. He said, ‘I would not say that The Sims would by no means go to the Switch, but I think that we are doing actually, really well attracting Sims players.’

Somewhere else on the call, Wilson said about 8 to 10 million players are engaging with Apex Legends on a weekly, further on of plans to bring the series to mobile devices international, and to also launch the game in China, during the next financial year of Company.

He also teased season 3 of Apex Legends and confirmed gearing up of EA in the coming weeks up to disclose the new Need for Speed game. Whereas, Blake Jorgensen, the chief financial officer said EA has been working on games for next generation consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett ‘for some time.’


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