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England ‘spied on’ during Rugby World Cup training session, says coach Eddie Jones

Eddie Jones, the England head coach for Rugby has claimed that the team was being spied on during one of their training sessions. The accusation comes ahead of their match against New Zealand in the World Cup semi-final game.

Someone was supposedly filming the team from a neighboring apartment block that overlooked the training grounds in Tokyo. While no serious accusations have been made against the New Zealand team, the coach has said that it could have been a Japanese fan trying to catch a glimpse of the players. He admitted to having spied on competing teams prior to 2001 but said that he does not indulge in it any longer as it has lost its value to YouTube.

Jones said that everyone already knows what the other person and team does, which kills the surprise. An Australian, Eddie Jones said that he was not bothered by the act as he did know that someone was looking, but continued training. His comments are offensive against the rival NZ team that they are to play against.

The qualifier for the semi-final round saw England beat Australia 40-16 over the last weekend. Their match against New Zealand may prove to be a tougher battle. The NZ team has not lost a knockout match at the World Cup since 2007.

Jones said that the game was going to be the most exciting for the year with two of the world’s best teams competing. He also mocked NZ press, calling them fans with keyboards. He compared them to the English media, stating that according to them, a week ago, Jones was to get fired and the team would not have been able to play. However, the New Zealand media did not ask any questions at all.

His controversial comments continued as he said that the mental skills coach for the NZ team would be the busiest man in Tokyo before the coming match as they have to deal with the pressure of winning their third World Cup in three years. This match could end up as the last match for the greatest coach the NZ team has had, Steve Hansen, and the greatest captain Kiernan Read.


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