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Flybe health scare after passenger falls sick on flight from Paris to Manchester

Flybe health scare after passenger falls sick on flight from Paris to Manchester

Passengers aboard a Flybe plane to Manchester have been taken by public health officials after a fellow passenger fell sick.

The relocation, described as a precaution, was intended to ensure that they were “fully traceable” on airline BE3122 from Paris.

The passenger had fallen ill on Flybe flight BE3122 from Paris to Manchester but no details of her ailment have been released.

The plane landed just after 10am and was met by a large emergency service, including police and ambulances.

One passenger with the Twitter username @NicholasVisuals posted a message stating that he was “stranded” on the aircraft, which was being “surrounded by police.”

Public Health England (PHE) said the sick passenger was taken to hospital for treatment and said all other passengers had gone on to continue their journeys. They have undertaken a risk assessment and can confirm that any risk of infection to passengers is very low.

The officials further said they have followed established multi-agency plans and procedures, which sometimes include collecting information from passengers as a precaution.

A Flybe spokesman said the 106 other passengers were asked to remain on board Flight BE3122 as a precautionary measure to collect their full contact details but had now disembarked.

“Flybe sincerely apologizes to passengers for the delay in their travel plans on arrival and for the inconvenience experienced, but the health and wellbeing of passengers and crew remains our top priority at all times,” the airline said.

It is unclear at this point what happened on board the plane to prompt such a large scale response at the airport.


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