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iPhone trouble? Some users can get a free iPhone 6S from Apple

iPhone trouble: Some users can get a free iPhone 6S from Apple

Have you been struggling with turning your iPhone 6S or 6S Plus? You may not be the only one! It seems as if you will not have to shell out money for a new smartphone. This known issue with some older handsets has qualified your phone to be replaced by Apple for free.

Apple has admitted that a component in the four-year-old model stops it from turning on, and so they are replacing the problematic component without any charge.

Only iPhone 6S and 6S Plus smartphones which were manufactured from October 2018 onwards are eligible under the scheme. A new Apple support page has also been set up where the customer can put in the serial number of their phone to check whether they are eligible for a free repair or not. All those who have recently purchased iPhone 6S models should be reassured that their issue will soon be solved.

Apple has not confirmed what component it is that is malfunctioning on the phone. On top of this, the malfunction only affects those phones which were manufactured between October 2018 and August 2019.

Click here to find out whether or not your phone is eligible for the free repairs.

Though the iPhone 6S is older, it is worth having repaired. The handset has also got an iOS 13 upgrade as of last month, which means all the latest features are going to be available to users such as the dark mode, a new Photos app with video and photo editing apps, etc. A tweak has been added to measure how pressure-sensitive 3D Touch Display works which means that you will not have to press the touchscreen harder in order to access the menus, which is now only a long press.

Apple’s music application has also been revamped, with an Apple Arcade subscription which allows the user to play 100 exclusive mobile games without micro-transactions to ruin the experience.


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