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PlayStation 5 Xbox Scarlett: the next console war begins in 2020

PlayStation 5 Xbox Scarlett, the next console war begins in 2020

The next date for conflict between consoles has been announced. Sony has recently stated that its upcoming PlayStation 5, which will see a launch in autumn/winter 2020. This will place it in competition with Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett, which will see similar launch dates, bordering around Christmas time. in its post on the PlayStation site, Sony has said that a brand new controller is being added to the console, diversifying from the joypad rumble feature. The controller will be more sensitive to the touch and also will contain haptic contextual feedback.

Sony says that the haptics allows the user to experience a broader range of feedback and can make the simple act of driving a car into a wall very different from, say, tackling someone on a football field. It allows for textures such as mud, grass, etc. as well.

This new console comes with adaptive triggers that are a part of the L2 and R2 triggers. Developers will soon be able to code the resistance of the trigger in order to make the experience of tension while pulling a bow and arrow or accelerating a car in rough terrain, for instance, feel real. Technology experimentation of the sort is also being conducted in the Microsoft offices.

Along with the haptics, Sony announced that the PS5 will come with an eight-core CPU, based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen processors, and custom graphics processors which are based on the AMD Navi family, allowing it real-time ray-tracing effects. A solid-state drive will also come with the PS5 which means loading a game will become faster, hastening the in-game content with granular loading processes so that players can make a choice to only load the multiplayer component. It will also come with an 8K resolution display and 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

The Xbox contemporary will also use the same specifications and will do away with the hard-disc drive. Backward compatibility will also be permitted for all Xbox One games and Xbox and Xbox 360 titles which are currently available on the feature. Not a lot more has been made public about the two consoles.

A custom AMD sound chip is being used to create immersive 3D audio in the PS5. Mark Cerny has spoken about the overhaul given to the visual interface and game information. This information will now be available on the menu.

Virtual reality supported PS5 will need a PS VR headset for now, but in the future, a brand new wireless headset with eve-tracking may be made available. Microsoft has fallen short on this front but covers up with compatibility to the Oculus Rift S gaming headset rumored to take place.

As of now, the online multiplayer situation is not clear. Sony will overhaul its PlayStation Now streaming service, while Microsoft will update its Xbox Game Pass. No Xbox console is going to use the Microsoft cloud service, though.

The Nintendo Switch console is entering its third year of existence soon, so another update on that can be expected next year. Rumors still say that an updated and more powerful Switch 2 or Pro may soon be released with an updated processor.


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