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Special sitting for MPs to decide Brexit future

Special sitting for MPs to decide Brexit future

The UK parliament will be meeting on the 19th of October after the EU crunch summit which will be the last time for the UK and EU to decide on the Brexit deal in light of the 31st October deadline.

If a deal is reached, Boris Johnson will ask MPs to approve the deal or present a number of options including a no-deal breakup or even a no Brexit.

The PM seems determined for Brexit to happen on the 31st of October despite the Benn Act bring signed which needs Boris Johnson to write to the EU that a further delay is needed if a deal is not signed off by the parliament on 19th of October, unless the MP’s are able to approve a no-deal Brexit.

A second letter may be prepared soon stating that the delay is not important. The House of Commons, in their four, working Saturdays since 1939 may soon be called in.

Ongoing talks seem to be happening but political tension has already destroyed civilizations.

Johnson has submitted new proposals to the EU for Brexit which are aiming to remove the Irish. It was negotiated by Theresa May and the EU to stop a hard border enclosing Ireland once again?

The leader of France, President Emanuel Macron, has said that the position of the EU will be cleared up soon. A new argument was started when a deal was deemed impossible on talks with Angela Merkel. No comments have been received.

The President of the EU Council, however, sent a public tweet to Johnson, accusing him of playing a game, which is echoed by most opposition.

Irish PM, Leo Vardka spoke on the phone with Johnson for 45 minutes, while discussing the options at the end of the month.

The leaders will soon meet for Brexit talks this week as well. Boris Johnson will either become the conquering hero of Brexit with a deal, or he will have to weigh out his next steps. The questions that will be asked will be in essence, these: Will the MPs revoke Article 50 or will they leave without a deal?

Boris Johnson wishes to use this moment to clear the intention of the opposition with regards to the rebel alliance. The MP’s continue to think that another delay is necessary. A deal is most likely to emerge soon.


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