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The new Google Assistant lets you level up voice commands with Chrome

The new Google Assistant lets you level up voice commands with Chrome

The new Google Assistant has many amazing features that one should know about. With the new UI and faster performance, this new Google Assistant also promises to open up on the voice commands on any kind of Android platform enabling the broader voice functionality for all the apps. The best showcase for the upgrades is the own suite of apps designed and launched by Google, the company that is showing the power of this new Google Assistant through its browser.

As per the latest reports from Android Police, the Chromium Gerrit shows that the company is constantly working on enabling ‘direct actions’ in Google chrome. With direct commands, they mean the voice commands that you can give the new Assistant to perform multiple functions in the browser.

The functions that the new Google Assistant can perform over the voice commands include –


  • Go back

  • Reload

  • Go forward

  • Bookmark this page

  • Open downloads

  • Open preferences

  • Open history

  • Open help

  • Open a new tab

  • Close this tab

  • Close all tabs

Presently, it is the ‘open help’ & ‘open preferences’ commands that do not work well on the new Google assistant. As per the post published by Gerrit, the list of commands that are currently available is not the complete set at all, there is much more that can be expected to be added by Google to the new assistant.

Available currently only in English on the select number of devices and only a few countries. Even if your device is eligible for the new Google Assistant, you will have to enable it using the ‘Direct actions’ flag in Chrome. Here is how you can enable ‘Direct Actions’ on Chrome. All you have to do is type in ‘chrome://flags’ in the URL bar. Search ‘Direct actions’ displayed in the available flag option, and enable it. After this, you are all set to enjoy the cool features of the new Google Assistant.


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