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‘There may be deaths’: No-deal Brexit medical shortages could put lives at risk, top doctor warns

‘There may be deaths’: No-deal Brexit medical shortages could put lives at risk, top doctor warns

‘There may be deaths’: No-deal Brexit medical shortages could put lives at risk, top doctor warns

People could lose their lives due to medicine shortage as part of a no-deal Brexit according to England’s chief medical officer.

Dame Sally Davies has said that the government cannot guarantee that there will be no deaths in case the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The lives of patients are at risk.

The warning comes in light of the last effort talks between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar on Thursday where he spoke about seeing a path to a possible deal despite the verbal spat between the regions.

Health unions have already stated their worries over the disturbance in supplies of life-saving medication in the case a no-deal Brexit becomes real. Stockpiling may not be possible.

This will not only affect the medication, but also technology and gadgets. Patient’s lives are at risk.

The government no-deal papers have shown that plans have been made for a less than ideal departure from the EU including support units for medical goods etc. to ensure that companies have necessary customs paperwork done before the border arrangements are made stringent after the no-deal scenario.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health said that they understand the concern of people regarding the availability of medication and are doing whatever they can to permit access freely after Brexit. The Government, industry, and NHS have made a plan in order to counter the consequences of Brexit which include stockpiling, transport and warehousing facilities.

The Business minister, Kwasi Kwarteng has said that a good chance still exists for a Brexit deal to come through. However, an escalation may be expected. The main point is to bring something good out of the deal and the government is working hard for it. However, the EU Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier said that no basis for a fresh agreement existed as the bloc has not seen any operational and legally binding solution to the Irish backstop ahead of the EU Council meeting.

Mr. Johnson has come up with a two-border proposal which is based on a system which, according to the EU, is not completely developed or tested.


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