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Trump: China and Russia ‘very excited’ about proposed new nuclear pact

Trump China and Russia very excited about proposed new nuclear pact

The President of the United States has pulled out of an agreement made with Russia in the year 1987 but now says he wants a new one, with China also integrated. Donald says he wants a new nuclear deal signed by China and Russia. 

Donald Trump comments after he withdrew his nation from the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty with Russia.

He said of the proposed new deal that, ‘With President Putin, I have discussed it and with China also. I will tell you China was very happy talking about it and so is Russia.  So, I think we will have a pact at some point.’

For over the past 30 years the Cold War-era pact banned land-based missiles with a series of between 310 and 3,400 miles. 

But on Friday, Mr. Trump the United States would quit the INF treaty and blaming Moscow to violate the contract with its growth and fielding of certain weapons.

The officials of the US military have also said that the missiles of China would have the treaty and they been a signatory.

Ambassador of China to the UN, Zhang Jun, said neither side can use his country as ‘an excuse’ for the demise of the pact. 

He further added that ‘You know, the UN is saying China must be a party in this disarmament contract, but I think everyone knows that China is not at an equal level with the Russian Federation and the United States. 

Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from a number of contracts signed by prior administrations in 2017, since he took office, including the Iran nuclear deal and Paris climate agreement. 

The only remaining deal that limits the Russian and US nuclear arsenals is the New START agreement.  This expires in the year 2021 but Trump has previously described this as ‘just another bad deal’ made by Barack Obama.



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