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Trump’s call to Ukraine leader was ‘crazy’ and ‘frightening’, White House official said

Trump’s call to Ukraine leader was ‘crazy’ and ‘frightening’, White House official said

Donald Trump’s allegedly controversial telephone call with the president of Ukraine has been dubbed to be crazy, frightening, and unrelated to national security. A White House official seems to have taken this stance soon after the conversation when speaking with the CIA whistleblower while the threat of impeachment looms in the future.

The President has been downplaying these interactions widely as allegations emerge that he has attempted to pressure the Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son. Trump, on the other hand, calls the phone calls normal and perfect.

In contrast to Trump’s version, members of the administration disagree over the meaning of the call. A CIA officer who is the whistleblower in the case has said that one of the administration staff was shaken by the exchange.

It has been reported that this official claimed that the White House lawyers are talking of how to handle the discussion since they believe that the President has committed a criminal act by asking a foreign leader to investigate his rival to advance his propaganda in the re-election campaign in 2020.

Transcripts of the call are being stored in a system designed to hold highly sensitive information regarding national security though the whistleblower said that it was not a national security concern.

He also added that he wished to inform a trusted colleague from within national security to talk about the call.

This official is one of the many who have spoken out about the conversation, and have all launched complaints which are suppressed by the Department of Justice before speaking to the media.

In the two-page memo which was submitted to Congress last week, he hopes that it will become a core effort to impeach Trump over the said allegations. The CIA officer’s complaint along with a second witness supporting the evidence.


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