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US lawmakers pass Human Rights and Democracy Act

Hong Kong protestors by passing a bill that will serve a goal for upholding human rights in Hong Kong. The bills are yet to be passed in the upper house, the Senate, which will require to be reviewed each year to make sure that Hong Kong is able to maintain its political autonomy from China.

Lower chambers have approved to stop tear gas exports to Hong Kong, while protestors opposed it on the streets.

What’s in the bill?

The bill was passed by the House of Representatives which said that Hong Kong enjoyed special status in the US. The annual review talked about is to assess whether China is overstepping its powers in the city or not.

The special status of Hong Kong makes sure that the US imposed tariffs on China do not affect trade with Hong Kong.

The bill permits Hong Kong citizens to obtain US visas despite arrests for being part of the protests. It says that people who are responsible for kidnapping and torture of people will that from entering the US.

Was it passed easily?

The bill garnered support from all sides of the house with voice votes. The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that if America does not speak out for human rights in China due to commercial interests, then they do cannot speak for human rights in any other place in the world. Ben Ray Lujan, a Democrat, spoke out saying that democracy, justice and the US House of Representatives stand with Hong Kong.

What else did the House of Representatives approve?

The act also approved of preventing exports of non-lethal crowd control weapons like tear gas and rubber pellets. The Hong Kong police have used these weapons disproportionately and unnecessarily. Lawmakers have also approved a non-binding resolution to recognize the relationship between Hong Kong and the USA.

Foreign ministry spokesperson, Geng Shuang, condemned the act and said that the Chinese relationship with the US is already on the rocks, and will be shattered once this bill becomes law.

What is the situation in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong protests began in June against an extradition bill which gave China the right to extradite anyone from Hong Kong if they are accused of any crime. The protests developed into violent pro-democracy protests, with police being attacked, and bullets being fired.

The Hong Kong Police is being accused of police brutality.


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