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Windows 10’s latest feature means you might never pick up your phone again

Windows 10’s latest feature means you might never pick up your phone again

The latest Windows 10 preview has shown an amped up version of the Your Phone application which now gives Android phone users, the function to make and receive phone calls from their PC. Build 18000 (20H1) contains the new ‘Calls’ feature to the Your Phone app which answers calls on the PC itself. If you wish to decline the call with a predetermined text or voicemail, you may only have to wait till 2020!

You can also place a call using the application dialer or directly from the contact list on your app. The Your Phone application also allows you to transfer calls from the PC to the handset smoothly. The calls on your PC will be made by using the speakers on your PC and a microphone hook-up will allow you to talk.

Microsoft has also said that the application will have a call long and history to make calls from the list when needed. The application already allows you to text from your PC and receive notifications from your phone on your PC, and is under constant upgrading to allow the user to perform all functions through their Windows 10 computers.

Another recent change has been the addition of a charging indicator which will show you whether your phone is charged or not, without having to look at the phone at all.

Calling all testers…

All you need is to do is sign up to be a Windows 10 tester to check out this feature and introduce the functionality as part of the update. Microsoft also said in their blog post introducing the update that the feature will eventually be opened up to the Insiders on 19H1 models and upwards.

The gradual rollout of the application seems to be a bit confusing as the blog mentions that the application update will be available to Windows 10 and upwards, but also to the Insiders on 19H1 instead of 19H2. However, this is still at the testing stage as of now.

Your smartphone needs to be using an Android 7.0 minimum and you require Bluetooth activation as well.

No other changes have arrived yet with the 18999 built though Microsoft does note that the moving and resizing of the Cortana window is now available to all testers.


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